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"Sue's work on our governance review was really good. I hope we will have the opportunity to work with her again."

"I couldn't have done this without you"

When did you last review your governance?

Good governance is a major driver of good performance for all organisations, but is especially important for charities, who need to maintain public confidence. How good is your governance? Can you demonstrate that you really do provide public benefit? Do you adequately assess and manage risk? Do you have reserves policies that quantify what your reserve needs to be to handle future risk? Do your trustees and staff really understand how their responsibilities differ? Do you have the best committee and staffing structure to enable your society to involve the correct groups without suffering decision paralysis?

Sue Thorn Consulting (STC) provides a range of governance services to societies and other charities:

  • STC's governance healthcheck comprises a review of key documents to assess quality of practice and also compliance with the requirements for public benefit, the CC Hallmarks of a well-run charity, SORP requirements for the structure of the Trustees Report, and the Companies Acts and Charities Acts (if UK-based). A written report is provided; a presentation and discussion with your Trustees can be included if required. Standalone public benefit advice can be provided.
  • STC's risk review covers the structure of your risk register and also its content.
  • STC's reserve policy review covers overall policy approach, the assessment of how much reserve you need, and advice on what to do if you have too much or too little reserve.
  • STC can also provide a 'Virtual CEO' service for societies that do not have their own CEO. Sue Thorn will attend and advise at Council meetings, produce minutes if required, and also provide governance advice, as well as keeping the register of trustees up to date, ensuring the annual Trustees Annual Report is accurate and a fair representation of the charity, and submitting the Charity Annual Return. The service can be extended to include management of external providers of membership and events services, publishing etc.
  • STC is experienced in preparing or revising statutes for all kinds of organisation, and preparing registration as charities, including the new Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). I can also advise on mergers and other forms of alliance and collaboration. Using STC's service means that you have a solution that suits your specific needs and also minimises legal fees.

For an example, see Case Studies.